YouTube/media/etc. audible time not showing on barchart

I’m really thankful for the audible-as-active feature to better track media and video call activity. The actual time spent watching a video, etc., does show up in most visualizations on the Activity Summary.
However, that time does not appear on the activity summary barchart. This means, for instance, if I watch a YouTube video from 9:10 to 9:30 watching a without user input, those 20 minutes don’t show up on “Timeline (barchart)”, even though they are considered active by the rest of the visualizations (top applications, top window titles, top categories, sunburst).
Is this a bug, or expected behaviour?
Best regards.

Do you have the web extension installed in your browser? It’s required for the audible-as-active feature to work.

The “Timeline (barchart)” is not very reliable in the latest version. It has been fixed and will be in the next release, but that might take a few weeks as I’m on vacation and busy the weeks after.

Yes, it is installed. Otherwise the times I spend watching at YouTube without input wouldn’t show on my application, window title, category summary. They just don’t appear on the barchart.