Allow hour selection in Activity View

Similar to Week, Month and Year view on the Activity Tab of the Web UI and Allow date range in Activity view, I want more granularity in the Activity View. I’d like to look back on the past hour and have a summary. I’d use this to more-incrementally categorize my work.

I could see this as an additional part of the dropdown which currently has day, week, and month for “hour”, and an additional time selector added to the day selector. I’d expect the time selector to default to the user’s setting for Start of day (which I just found). That time selector could have a call-out to encourage the user to set their start of day too, which would publicize that feature.

Happy to make a contribution myself, but I wanted to vett the idea’s place on the Activity tab. Does that fit? Does the construct of Activity watch summary allow for that level of granularity? I’m assuming from the granularity on Timeline that it’d work, but could likely look weird.

How to actually design it could be discussed.

It’s also a question about whether a timeperiod picker might be enough (with both date and time) or if there’s many people who actually need a selector for selecting hours specifically.

It should be pretty easy to implement now since we rewrote some of the code a few months ago.

This should not be an issue.