Week, Month and Year view on the Activity Tab of the Web UI


Currently the Web UI only shows your usage stats as daily view. But users also want to know their usage patterns over a week, month or year.

It would be useful if a week, month and year view were also included in the activity tab to see trends and usage for a longer period of time. I really can’t know if I’m becoming less or more productive over time, and what the major time wasters are in the current format.


A week summary should currently be possible to implement, but our transformation code in aw-server is sadly slow when computing summaries of a full month, let alone a whole year.

We have plans to implement this in the long run though and have this rather highly prioritized.
I have re-written aw-server in the Rust programming language (https://github.com/ActivityWatch/aw-server-rust) which will make the queries to aw-server significantly faster, but year-long requests still takes a while even on fast computers. There’s a lot of data during a whole year, so I’m not sure if we’ll be able to make it much faster than that though.
Another improvement would also be to cache queries with time spans of a month or more, I did a prototype of that a long time ago but wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the code though so it is no longer available.


A week summary could be enough, and maybe adding up several weeks summaries could do the trick for month or year summaries. I mean, building a month summary only on the basis of several week summaries. Dunno if it’d make things easier!

Great Job anyway! The best piece of code to watch my daily workload!

Thanks guys.