Another GUI client for AW

Hi, everyone.
I released another GUI client for ActivityWatch.(yet-another-UI-for-AW)
It’s an experimental software and I implemented several ideas in it.
It provides some functions original AW client doesn’t have.



Multi categorization

Can be categorized from the different viewpoints.For example,
- from the “work” viewpoint : “Documentation”,“Programing”,“Meeting”,etc.
- from the “project” viewpoint : “Project A”, “Project B”, etc.

Easy configuration

  • Key-word base categorization
  • Exact match for the window title

Unicode Normalization

  • Normalize keywords, by “NFC” and “NFD” to match both of “combined character sequence” and “precomposed character” of unicode strings. (I implemented it to avoid the problem described in this topics.)

Internationalization and some Japanese localization

If you are interested in it and want to try it, download from here.
Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Very cool!

Happy to see you managed to get all that querying done :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll add it to the GitHub - ActivityWatch/awesome-activitywatch: A list of awesome ActivityWatch resources repo :star:

Thanks Erik.
I’m very honored.

Now, “All-in-one installation package for Windows(64bit)” is available.
You can use the program easily without any preinstalled Python environment.
If you are Windows user and not familiar with Python, download from here and try it.

Notice: Module is quite huge (Almost 200Mbytes !), you may take long time to download.