I get timeout when viewing "Summary" for the entire year

When I click Summary and select “Yearly” I get a response from the browser like this:

Error: timeout of 30000ms exceeded. See dev console (F12) and/or server logs for more info.

The console shows:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: timeout of 30000ms exceeded
    at t.exports (createError.js:16)
    at XMLHttpRequest.f.ontimeout (xhr.js:95)

Can I adjust the timeout interval in an ini file or in the db connection?
PS. my pc hardware is fairly new, and my dataset is approx. 1,5 years in total since I started using the software.

Thanks in advance,

Since yearly is not in the official builds and you have changed the web-ui to enable that I assume that you can also change the aw-client-js code to increase the max request time.
It’s specified here


I’m seeing this when selecting the monthly statistics even though it’s not a really slow computer.

I’m using Firefox, I’m on Windows 10 and it’s an i5-3550. Taskmanager doesn’t report high CPU load so I guess it’s just the amount of data or the filtering rules.

I think the limit should be increased. Do you want me to create an issue on github?

P.S.: ActivityWatch has been great so far! Thanks for all the work! :slight_smile: