Installing from soucre error on windows 10

I have used AW for around half a year now. Now I am trying to visualize my own data using features in the development version of AW.

Last time i installed from source on my WSL. It was successful(link), but because there is no x-server on WSL(windows 10) yet, so the aw-qt couldn’t collect any data and I didn’t figure out how to feed my data buckets(collected elsewhere from my windows) into it either.

So i try to re-install from source on my windows again this time, but i got an error when running make build. here is the screen shot.

Does anyone have a clue about it?

I remember having someone else report this before, see the following thread.

I think it had something to do with the shell version.

Thanks very much for your prompt feedback. Indeed, I was using the anaconda shell. When I switched to the build-in windows terminal, the initial problem was resolved. Then I run into another error which I don’t know how to solve either.

the latter problem might be caused by a wrong/broken version of the poetry. It was bypassed by updating the portry package in a new virtual environment.