Manually Categorize Event

I think it would be very useful to assign an Category to an single Event to reduce the Uncategorized time. E.g. If I create an Word Document and start work on it it is named Document1 for the first few minutes, which is impossible to assign to a category using regex, but if I could add single Buckets to an Category this would be no problem. I don’t know if this is possible using the current implementation, but I think if it is, it would be really helpful.

To a single event would be very cumbersome as every time you change focus to another window there will be a new event and it’s very common to focus different windows often.

Couldn’t you instead for example add your own category with the rule “Word.*Document1” instead to accomplish the same thing?

No, because I’d like to assign the same window title, to different categoriesE.g. yesterday it was supposed to go to “Work”, but today I created an letter and want to have it in “Private”.
Another solution which would work is maybe the ability to add a time filter to the regex? Like this part of the regex is only supposed to match, if the event happend between 16-18pm on a certain date, or maybe the ability to create more than one regex for a category, and add an extra filter for “time”

Another usecase: The time I spend on youtube could have different purposes and I would be able to visualize that.

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Absolutely, I’ve been playing with querying the YouTube API and writing categorization rules that use the metadata (such as the channel name) as a way to drill down into YouTube activity, but nothing solid yet.

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