There's no data when I'm watching a video on youtube

I watched a 25 minute videos on youtube and it only shows 1 minute. It seems like it only tracks when there is a user input, is there any way to disable this or a workaround when watching videos?

The state of this is discussed in the following thread.

same here. I’m studied all the morning (in streaming) … and it registered nothing… I didn’t write with keyboard or use the mouse because I’m writing on paper … on my physical notes. I suggest to modify the Afk watcher.

Hello ! similar issue here : 3 hours meeting on Microsoft Teams, and nothing recorded. Despite I actively used my mouse during 1/3 of the meeting.

If you used your mouse that’s a different issue, that should work fine.

Was there literally nothing recorded or just less than you’d expect?

Hello Johan, here some more detailed infos about the issue :slight_smile:
in the time line, I get a recording for my TEAMS video call, trough the AW-Watcher-Window. The name of the entry in the timeline is “Teams.exe”

The real duration of the meeting is about 1,5 hours. But in the summary of time of use, the Microsoft Team video-call app is only displayed for 10 minutes.

Does the 10 minutes corresponds to the times where I was actually using the mouse during the meeting ?

Any idea how to handle it ?

PS : I have read something about placing an analog Watch below the Optical mouse in order to have the mouse movement recorderer … Haha :smile: