Watching YouTube video (or any streaming media content) in the active browser window means not being afk

I wonder what approach could be taken to measure watching YouTube videos as not being afk. Is it possible for watchers to communicate with each other? Because if they are, then it’s something along the lines of: whenever an active window is streaming media content, then the afk watcher ‘concludes’ that the user is not afk.

What do you think: should a modified afk watcher be made for this?

The closest suggestion to this we’ve made is the ability to count tabs in the browser which are marked as “audible” (which means some media playing with sound) are counted as not-afk if that tab is currently focused.

The flaw with this is that it impacts the performance of the queries to aw-server, but that performance drop might we worth it. In my opinion it would be good to have it togglable.