Watcher based on folder location instead of only file name

Hello, everyone

Didn’t find any post related to what I’m searching for. I’d like to know if it is already possible to track files based on their location (folder or path) instead of only the file name itself.



Do you mean editor watcher?

If so, they already save the whole file path but only the filename is visible in the web-ui.

So I’m guessing filtering data out based on the file path wouldn’t be possible, would it?

It’s definitely possible.

By the way, I forgot but it’s already possible. You just need to hover on the result and it’ll print the project path and the local file path. Add both together and you have the absolute file path.

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Hi! greetings from Argentina!
So, I try to find do that thing and I can’t write a Rule…
for example:
I want to watch the activity of the multiple files into a one folder…
D:\Users\USER\Documents\Client Name\Project
File nº1
File nº2

File nºX

So… I don’t want to make a multiple rules for all of these files…
I want see the activity of the all of files into a “Client Name” or “Project”
it is understood?

Actually, I meant using the native watcher-window

Hmmm…maybe I’m wrong in the forum section…
I’m using ActivityWatch… I don’t know what Editor Watcher is.
In AW I try to set a new rule in the Category Builder based on the folder path of the multiple files I’m using, avoiding setting a category on a file-by-file basis.