You can now track your web browsing with ActivityWatch

In the last few days, we’ve been working on getting a functional version of the ActivityWatch WebExtension out into the open. It tracks your web browsing just as you’d expect RescueTime to but with the added benefit of full URLs and window titles.

A lot of screentime happens on the web, so this is a significant step towards more detailed data.

It tracks the “audible” tab attribute. This is a good way to detect, for example, if a video or music is being played. This helps us log screentime despite the user not giving any mouse or keyboard input, effectively enabling us to log a prevalent kind of “passive” screentime.

It also tracks the “incognito” tab attribute. This is useful if you, for instance, want to track incognito tabs and later be able to find and remove incognito history easily.

Note: It requires that you have ActivityWatch running locally. It will not currently throw any error messages at you if something goes wrong when trying to connect so you have to check and ensure that data ends up in the bucket while we work on visualizations and improving the UX of the extension.

Speaking of visualization, @johan-bjareholt is also working on a new version of the data querying API which, when done, will allow for easier visualization of web browsing data.

It is available for download on the Chrome Web Store and Mozilla Add-ons.

Please report any issues you have.


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